What to say

What’s left to say about the election, the economy, and the international situation. With Ayn Rand’s boy toy’s admission of shock yesterday, we are seeing the death knell of anti-Keynes-ism. Or, at least, the entry into the senior-year for the infantile Randians.

Rand is popular among the clueless and smug undergraduates. By the senior year, most have enough experience in life to see how shallow and misinformed her views are, especially when peddled as a “philosophy”. Some “serious” people are so unable to learn from experience that it can take years, or decades, or lifetimes (hello Mr Greenspan) to learn.

So the economic and social philosophy that was “edgy” and radical in the 30s and became the orthodoxy from the 80’s is dead. What will take its place?

Some might hope for a return to the orthodoxy of the 30s-60s. There is something very attractive to that. Things were pretty darn good for most people then. But, the danger with nostalgia is stagnation. The society and economy that arises to replace the crumbled orthodoxy must acknowledge today’s world.

I have hope that the model adopted will be successful, that it will take advantage of the strength and diversity of America. That is not a sure thing. Pain like we are and will continue to feel opens possibilities to healthy development as well as unhealthy development.

We developed a health social contract out of the mess of the 30s: other societies did not. Which direction will we take this time?


One response to “What to say

  1. As yet, I have not come across a single Randian that was able to reason objectively or that had any intellectual integrity. Randians appear to be a bunch of intellectually dishonest idiotic authoritarians. Watch the responses to this comment …they will be either insults or accusations of ignorance.

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