Culture Wars

Why the hell are the Democrats running from the culture issues.  The democrats positions consistently poll with not just majorities, but overwhelming majorities.  What killed the Bush presidency was Terri Shaivo, social security, and Katrina put the nails in the coffin.

Show people what the Republicans want:

  1. Religion – they don’t want you to worship as you see fit, they want you to worship what and how they want – show a clip from Palin’s chuirch
  2. Oil prices – tie it to Wall St and speculators, show the convention “drill baby drill”
  3. Privacy – they want to be in your bedroom, they want to tell you how and when to die – show Shaivo, show Brownback
  4. They deny reality – show iceberg melting – shoe Inhofe
  5. They are the party of hate – show McCain calling Hillary a pig, show Congressman calling Obama “uppity”, show picture of Cheney
  6. They are the party of big business – show middle class people losing their pensions and homes and Wall street bailouts
  7. Rich – who gets the tax cuts, wages (charts), normal people losing homes, McCain not knowing how many
  8. They are incompetent – show Brownie, show bridge collapse, Bush, Bush, Bush
  9. Corruption – Abramoff, others in cuffs, Palin and the Bridge to Nowhere
  10. Anti-Americanism – Abu Giraf, Constitution burning, McCain flip flop on torture
  11. Book banning – show Palin, show library, show Kristalnacht, show crazy republican

Take the offensive.  Be tough.  Americans really aren’t stupid, it’s just that the Democrats aren’t talking to them.  Don’t be afraid to forcefully say what you stand for.

Make people embarrassed to vote Republican.  Show them that if they do, they are fools or bigots.


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