Lessons from the RNC

Why does anyone vote republican? They are:

  1. Richer than shit (say annual income of $5 mil +).
  2. Gonna inherit more than $10 million.
  3. So stupid that they think that the party of Wall St (Republicans) are for the poor and the party that draws most lower income people (Democrats) are for the rich.
  4. Closeted homosexual too scared to recognize their self-hatred.
  5. Don’t really care about the country falling apart (see, infrastructure, economy).
  6. So stupid that they think that the party that needlessly wastes the lives of our fighting men and women and that also refuses to take care of them when they are injured and refuses to recognize their sacrifice and belittles them (see, Rumsfeld) is pro-military and the party that supports the troops and advocates deploying them against our enemies (remember Afghanistan?) is anti-military.
  7. Terrified of African Americans.
  8. Terrified of other brown people.
  9. Terrified of women.
  10. Terrified.

So, if you are richer than god, stupider than shit, closeted, or scared, vote Republican. Everyone else . . .


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