How do they win?

How do the Re-thugs ever win?  Is it always just dems fucking it up?  The thugs have a minority position to sell and they’re boring.

Who have they run for pres?  McCain a terrible campaigner, W an idiot (how did we lose to him), Dole, HW, Altzheimer-dude, Gerry?  There isn’t a smart dynamic person there.  So, you’ve got a losing philospohy and losers running.  How do you win.  Slime and fear.  Slime and fear win.  Why?

But, it’s not just slime and fear, it is also the pariticpation of the MSM.  The MSM set the tone, set the limits of hte conversation.  The MSM makes the insanity of the thugs “mainstream”.  People who don;t pay attention and don’t listen, make decisions based on meta-narrative, that’s where the thugs win.  They own the meta-narrative and the dems everything else.  Well, to CRUSH them, take back the meta-narrative.

The only big problem is that there is a LOT of money in the thug meta-narrative.


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