Reublicans, competance, America

OK, I guess that I understand why the pooh-bahs in the republican party don’t care that they nominate and elect morons (McCain near the bottom of his class, GWB bottom of his class, Palin no proven intellectual curiosity), they think that government is a bad thing, so stock it with idiots and they’ll destroy the government and its reputation, thereby opening it up for sale to croney-contractors. In fact, it positively hurts republicans to nominate and elect competent people.

Republicans want government out of their business (except when they want to spy on you). They also want the contract to do governments job. To get there they must prove their mantra that government is the problem. Now that doesn’t work for them when the government does a good job (which it does a lot, actually). So,what do they do? Elect morons and have them stock the government with morons and then the whole thing won’t work.

What I find so incomprehensible, is that it is so wide open the parties nominate people with so very different skill levels and the uncurious, low achievers keep winning! What does that say of this country? Competent people have to wonder. ..

When did we decide that we want people who graduate at the bottom of their class to direct us? Why does anyone even try any more? It hurts Obama that he was president of the Harvard Law Review; how screwed up is that?! I want a smart person, I want a curious person, I don’t want a dim tool in the pocket of big energy.

Now, will we survive a McCain/Palin election? Weird as it is to say, but probably. It will ensure that the slide of the American empire will be of breathtaking speed and to a breathtaking depth, but we should survive. We will have the country that we deserve. Poor, backwards, lots of guns and violence. It will make China’s ascent so much easier and quicker. Will this change the long-term world outlook? I don’t know, the long term trends of demography and ecology probably speak more strongly, though I think that the country McCain/Palin will leave me and my kids will be a lot further down the fucked up road than the one Obama/Biden would have.

We are strongly trending the wrong way, Palin’s selection clearly puts McCain in the camp of those currently running things, those who don’t care about whether the government is capable of doing anything. Therefore, McCain/Palin’s election will take us further down the road that we’re on; the wrong road. Oh, well catastrophic, but, I hope, not earth ending.


One response to “Reublicans, competance, America

  1. I’m with you. When did being smart, articulate and successful become a liability?

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