Here’s an example for part of what I was talking about yesterday. Take karma. Many seem to take it as some sort of magical force. It “flows” out from you and magically good stuff comes back.

Really, it is much simpler, obvious, and hard to maintain than that. Karma really says that if you are pissed off and nasty you will piss off and anger people and will get treated worse. If everyone is nasty, everyone gets treated worse. It means that if you are nice, the person that you are nice to might not necessarily be nice, but someone else might react to it. The more that we are nice, the more people are being nice so the odds are better that we’ll run into someone nice.

Simple and obvious and I hope that the imaginary reader just said, duh!!!!! Karma is really that simple, the more you smile the more smiles there are. The more smiles there are the more likely that you will run into one. To say nothing of the biological fact that someone’s smile generates good feeling in the person who receives this.

OK, how does this simple logic/biology interaction get perverted by people into magic? Can people really not see anything without ascribing magic to it?


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