I’m back. So, what did I miss? I’ve been having a great vacation, but was cut off from the blogsphere. The Olympics are on and China is oppressing its people. Russia is at war with its neighbors. Pakistan in unstable. The convention season is upon us. I guess that it is time to start really working this election thing. Traditionally, of course, Labor Day marks the time that “real Americans” begin paying attention to the election. I expect the polls to be more interesting in about a month. By the way, I saw a post on the estimated under-counting of the young because the pollsters use land lines and a lot of people have abandoned them. But, I don’t remember the numbers.

I expect to not watch the conventions — I can’t imagine anything more boring. I guess I’ll get news of them from Comedy Central and the blogs. By the way, in reading Nixonland, one of the interesting things that I noticed is how bizarrely wrong the pundit class has always been. They don’t seem to be right on catching the “first draft of history”, they have become okay at expressing the talking points fed to them, but the politicians are also so far off from history that these pronouncements are irrelevant. I don’t think that I understand their place. Once in a while they will spin a lie and make it “conventional wisdom” out side of their hot house, but not too often. Usually, they only talk to each other. It is the viral marketing of the spin and lies that is successful.

By the way, how big a moron is Fox? When they had an Ossetian-American on, they were surprised and upset that she was pro-invasion! Don’t these people have any frigging idea about geopolitics? It really ain’t that hard!


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