OK, the Re-smugs again

Read todays Krugman and Franks’ piece in Harper’s. Got me thinking about the Republicans.

Krugman reports on the rank stupidity of the republicans. Something that I think isn’t too new. They may be clever, but no more than the loud shifty undergraduate. What’s different now, is that they revel in it. They used to try to convince you that their simplistic answers were deep, but they’ve given up on that and now revel in bullying stupidity.

Franks talks about the corruption of the republicans. The victory of the corpratist state and the military industrial complex (in many cases the same corporations) and their ties to the republicans ensure that. Until the 1960s, the democrats were as much warmongers as the republicans. Franks also spends time discussing the bullying of the Abramoff College Republicans and the stunning aggrieved feelings of the poor rich white boys!!

Both articles, however, really depress me. We’ve lost our country (probably did in 1980). Eisenhower was right. We’ve been taken over by corporations. What is really horrible is that the republicans think that this is a good thing. They don’t try to hide this, they think that everything in the declaration of independence is weak and silly. They think that all philosophy, that all thinking is weak and silly.

Now, of course, in the long run, this way of thinking is doomed, but these sleaze balls can do enough to really harm our country.

What can we do? Be honest. Think. Be proud of thought.


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