Been too long. Very busy summer! Getting ready for vacation.

That’s all for now, nothing good to vent on except, why is it that the Reagan right doesn’t accept or understand that their governing philosophy has been proved to be a disaster. I don’t get it, I thought that most people were intellectually honest enough to accept proof. And boy has the past thirty years been proof!!! First they take all the wrong (but most simplistic) messages from the collapse of the USSR and now they are blind to the disaster that their selfish philosophy has wrought. You would think that they were intellectually dishonest (or not too swift). Of course, they could also be nuts or closet anarchists. Hmmm, maybe I’ve been too harsh! The “right” is really the faaaar left and they are trying to destroy capitalism, imperialism, and the US. Wow, the depths, the planning, the ability to stay “off message”. They are amazingly disciplined and great actors. Brownie, taking that hit just to further the destruction of the west. Man, he is a tough hombre. Then again, maybe they are selfish maroons.


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