Maharg – Transforming Legal Eduction – Glasgow Graduate School of Law -> Transactional learning.  Simulation, transactional learning.  Change the paradigm from boredom and terror.  Educational theory Thorndike v Dewey -> Thorndike won.  Thorndike emphasized teaching strategies, while Dewey looked at the learning ecology (context).  Dewey taught by doing (see the UofC Lab School in the early twentieth century).  Four themes to Maharg’s transforming legal education: experience, collaboration, ethics, and technology.

And then, transactional learning.  A trading zone is where different people with different backgrounds and needs get together to work together to make something.  A specific type of problem-based learning: active learning (performance, reflection, collaboration, process, professional assessment, ethics).  See, Sullivan, et al, Educating Lawyers.  Shulman says that each discipline has its own signature pedagogy.  Surface structure, tacit structure, deep structure, shadow structure (the absent pedagogy).

He uses simulationsL practice, facilitates different assessments, encourages collaborative learning.  He has an open source online simularion environment.  SIMPLE.

Hard to argue with the pedegogical points.  Don’t know about his software, though.  But, collaborative, active learning is a laudable goal.  Challenge the signature pedagogy.  He wants to prove that his vision works, he is seeking measured results.


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