CALI Blogging

Plenary session.

Well, first last night.  Went to the ball game, great hit Millar (bad dye job, though).  I got to talking to an IT guy at a law school that will remain nameless and he asked about legal research instruction.  Well, it seems as though his school’s librarians are still “teaching the books first”!  My reaction, what frigging century are they in?  Wasn’t this done with years ago?

Just in case you don’t recall, my take is that we should be responsible enough to make recommendations asn teach what people will use, will have available, and what we think are the best tools.  I’ll teach books if they offer what online doesn’t or if the books are “better” or “easier”, but not just to teach them!

Ok, were starting — John Mayer and his Alice Cooper thang — “I’m 18”


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