What does the right believe in . . . .

is a question that has long troubled me. I just don’t understand why seemingly nice and intelligent people follow today’s republican party? I mean I get the racists and the selfish plutocrats, but others?

So I went to a right wing site in search of an answer or manefesto. And I found one at the appropriately named Right Wing News. I took a look at what they thought they should stand for and I found . . . . a mess.

Some of it is pablum that everyone believes in. Some I heartily agree with and no republican has worked for in decades. Some sounds great, but republicans view it through a childish lens. And, finally, some is just wrong.

Here is what one says:

“The Republican Party should stand for a strong defense, small government, low taxes, fiscal responsibility, adherence to the Constitution, defense of American sovereignty, law and order, colorblindness, and traditional American values including, but not limited to respect for human life, personal responsibility, and love of country.”
— from “Right Wing News” http://www.rightwingnews.com/mt331/2007/10/what_does_the_republican_party.php

Ok, let’s look at it point by point:

Strong Defense – really? Bush has destroyed the army, they have not provided adequate health care, “stop loss” anyone? The only part of “strong defense” that republicans consistently support is whatever weapons systems the suppliers want whether or not the service wants it. Military Industrial Complex?? They were against nation-building before they were for it (Kosovo v. Iraq). There seems to be no belief beyond fatten the corporate paymaster.

Small government – in what way? No spying on your citizens? No we need that. What do they mean? Oh yes, don’t stop businesses from doing what they want and don’t give anyone else anything else. Well, that’s done well hasn’t it? Pollution, mine and infrastructure collapse, etc. And republicans claiming fiscal responsibility is a joke!

Adherence to the Constitution – from what I can see, only the second amendment counts

Defense of sovereignty – well, duh I think that that is not a province of any party.

Law and order – by this do you really mean it or is this your racist code? If you really mean a fair and impartial application of the law, then . .. duh I think that that is not a province of any party.

Colorblindness – LOL!!!

“traditional American values”

  1. Respect for human life – LOL

  2. Personal responsibility – LOL

  3. Love of country — ?? Like no one else does, unless they mean “my country has never done wrong,” in which case, that is not a mature love that cares and wants to do better. No, that is just scared pathetic childishness.

There is nothing there!!!!!!


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