Nice Takedown of the NeoCons

is here.

“The basic intellectual foundations of neoconservatism, including its
Straussian influences. Personally, I think the whole “Straussian noble
lie” is a conspiracy theory too far. The real influence of Strauss upon
modern politics was his Manichean worldview of absolute good and
absolute evil. Evil (or tyranny) existed, Strauss believed, and strong
action was necessary to confront it.

The Straussian legacy that matters, then, is his absolute certainty
in “our” own goodness and in the “Other’s” evilness. That’s the true
theoretical underpinning of neoconservatism — everything they espouse
follows if you are certain that you are good and certain that you are
fighting evil. If arms control treaties or the UN or torture statutes
prohibit fighting evil, then they must be put aside. It’s as un-Burkean
as you can get.”

Its all a lie in their little heads. They are fooling themselves. The magician is supposed to be in on it; not taken in by it. If they are in on it, how can they think that they are “good” are they that fucked up?


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