OK, there’s this

One of the things that I have been most struck by in recent weeks and months is a new perspective that I have developed about our current discourse. Even the “scholarly” is result oriented. There is no seeking.

Now, maybe there is no “truth” or maybe there is. Maybe we can’t make things better, or maybe we can. But, I would have hoped that we would at least try to live as if there is truth. We see it in the sciences, I’ve got to think that there is some in the rest of the world.

Indeed, I think that there is, I just think that people have given up looking for it because it is hard to find and hard to justify. But, what is it that I’m bitching about.

Well, it is a habit of mind mainly on the right but to some extent is all over. We see it with the Freidmans (Milton), Strauss, and yesterday with Yoo. What they do is come up with a result that they like and then argue it whether or not it makes sense. There is no exploration, there is navel gazing (or with Schmitt, there is obfuscation — that was the crux of his “philosophy”.

The right takes pretty stupid ideas — see, Rand, etc — couches them in stupid but complex and smart-sounding arguments, and tries to beat its way to acceptance.

There is no approaching a problem with an open mind and a willingness to solve problems. No, there is a simplistic world view that must be reinforced at all costs and at all times.

God, its a sad sick little way of life . . . . .


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