Is there no depth to which they won’t go?

“They” will keep going as long as it works.  I think that Orlando Patterson’s editorial in the Times today is an important read.  Racist attacks will continue as long as they work.  HRC should not have used the imagery, but I can certainly understand the temptation.  You’re losing you’re desperate you’ll do any thing.  (Of course understanding the temptation to use bigotry and hatred doesn’t mean that I can understand doing it and I especially don’t condone it).

, HRC and her campaign are not the only bad guys here, in fact they aren’t the worst.  The worst is all of us, of an American society that rewards bigoted appeals.  It is terrible that the Clinton campaign was tempted to use bigoted appeals, it is far worse that they succumbed to the temptation, but worst of all that the appeal worked.

We can not forget how bigoted this country is.  We must be ever vigilant.  Perhaps the Stetson Kennedy and ADL frown campaign needs to be revived.Clearly and unequivocally reject bigotry7 and hatred. When you hear it, at the least: frown.


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