New Blog

Well this is a new blog for me.   Be sure not to miss my blog at blogspot (  That’s where all the quick links from my Google Reader go.  I’ll switch around ScribeFire, so that will go here, so there will be more interesting stuff that I encounter.

Today the big news is the visit of the World Series Trophy!!  There doesn’t seem to be a link to the poster or the film of the 2007 or 2004 visit to YLS, so I’ll just link you to the World Champions!

Lot’s of exciting classes starting soon: Research Methods in American Law, Research Methods in American Legal History, and Advanced Legal Research.  I’ll be pretty busy with these!  Also, Morris and I are supposed to kick start the legal history research book.  I’ve also got to get the amendments article finished!

I’m reading Halberstam’s last book and it’s quite good.

The election is getting interesting, Fred is pretty depressing: he thinks that the Repubs are geniuses and that they have made it impossible for the Dems to win (either that or the Dems are too incomp).   Dunno, I was a little surprised by the number of republican votes cast in NH, though the ration was far more favorable to the democrats that is usual in NH. I guess that I have a real problem imagining why anyone would want to vote for folks who have proven themselves to incompetent and corrupt.  Is it all just hatred and fear?

Oh, well time to go and see the trophy!


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