John Adams’ books!!!

The John Adams Library at the Boston Public Library [Macromedia Flash

By all accounts, John Adams was a man who was obsessed with reading and the
collecting of books. He pored over books for hours at a time and he also
made thousands of handwritten notes on many of them. Upon his death, at the
age of 86, he deeded his personal library to the town of Quincy,
Massachusetts. In 1894, the entire collection made its way to the Boston
Public Library, where it has resided ever since. This exemplary online
collection allows users to pore over his books at their leisure, and for
anyone who has found themselves entranced by the written word, this site
will surely become a favorite. Visitors can start by looking over an
interactive timeline of Adams’ library and book collecting practices and
then move on to the “Collection Highlights” area. Here, visitors can look
over his “Top 40”, which contains his most heavily annotated books and some
of the many rare volumes he purchased. The site is rounded out by the “Did
You Know?” area, which offers up a few intriguing facts and figures related
to the collection. [KMG]


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